Endorsements for Scott Lively

Additional Endorsements for Scott Lively

Pastor David Levandusky - Greenfield, Mass. - I support Dr. Scott Lively because of his knowledge and understanding of the issues Massachusets is dealing with, and, his convictions of high moral standards to drain the Massachusetts swamp of the biased corruption in the political arena.

Christine Kalenderian - Arlington, Mass. - I wish you good luck. I have a two family duplex in Arlington, MA and believe in the Constitution. As a retired Federal agent, I know the issues of which you speak are a concern of mine.

Connie Mirasolo - He's my guy

Rhett Emerson - South Dennis, Mass. - Thank you for running for governor.

Claire Hebert - Southwick, Mass. - We want truth and follow through. This Governor said what we wanted to hear to get elected. Totally support our President, want a governor who does too. Fed up with lies and deceit

David Pye - Gloucester, Mass. - As a Viet Nam Disabled Veteran and conservative, I endorse Scott Lively

Maureen LaBrecque - You definitely will be an asset to our fallen world. It will be wonderful to know we will have an advocate to fight for the life of a child. Too many disregard that life that God has made. We need to restore Godís word, His truth to this sinful world. Too many politicians start out with what people want to hear, but donít follow through. You work for God, and thatís enlightening.
You definitely have mine and I am sure my husbands vote. I will pray for you as you embark on this journey, and as we know, with God all things are possible. You will be the blessing we need. Thank you for your service.God bless you, and your family. In His love and mercy
Clifford Blake - Webster, Mass. - Clean the swamp on Beacon Hill: No Sanctuary BS, no payroll padding, no midnite and weekend votes, cut salaries and perks to Ledgislators. Monthly financial reports to the public, fines increases plan. All capital expenditures plan or in progress, report on the auto inspection fiascos. Travel perks: advertise. Review all healthcare strangling regulation that denies care to the patient! That only serves the Agencies to crest more. Meet with Medical Doctor, staff and nusrsing Homes. Dissolve Progressive Socialism! Thank you

George Sarsfield - Eugene, Ore. - Dr. Lively is a fine Christian man, scholar, and Attorney. Consistent in his beliefs for over 30 years. comments: Dr. Lively is one of a few politicians in (or potentially in) a position of authority, interested in reform of family law. I believe family law is overdue for reform.

John Bulger - Leominster, Mass.
For almost 33 yrs. and am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts all my life. I have never been very active in politics as for the most part the way in which our government ran, really never impacted my day to day living. Well, in the years of late, government, and the extreme liberal way in which things operate is impacting me a lot. I am a conservative Christian, not to be grouped with "Those People", but I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior and I try to run my life to honor Him, and follow His teachings as to what is wrong and right. That being said, our country is certainly not now what our forefathers intended it to be. I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Scott Lively this weekend and I was extremely impressed with his honest and back to basic approach to government. He is anti-abortion, believes marriage should be between and man and a woman, and believes we should retain the right to bear arms. Mr. Lively will also do his very best to bring our uncontrolled spending back into a degree of reasonableness. I endorse Mr. Scott Lively, and would be so proud and blessed to call him my Governor here in Massachusetts!!!!!!!

Wolter Witholt - Hendersonville, Tenn. - Pastor Scott Lively is passionate about life. I have witnessed how he and his wife Ann established themselves in a tough part of Springfield with a desire to be a good neighbor. They accomplished that and so much more with The Holy Grounds coffee house, offering a sanctuary for all people. I believe Scott will be an outstanding governor of Massachusetts, representing all people. He loves people, but he will take on every difficult agenda which threatens our constitutional rights.

Chuck Bohigian - Worcester, Mass. - I am endorsing Attorney and Doctor Scott Lively for Governor.
Beginning July 2017 to April 2018, I filed Six (6) MA St. Police Misconduct Complaints. They were IGNORED and REFUSED. Gov. Baker was aware of this, yet did nothing. Dr. Lively assisted in exposing the Public Corruption.
He is the GENUINE Anti-Corruption Candidate!

Al VW - Leominster, Mass., Sons of Liberty descendant - We need a real patriot like Dr. Lively to stop the huge corruption that is the state of Massachusetts! The mafia needs to be thrown the hell out, or put in jail!

Thurman Smith - Winchester, Mass. - I am pleased that I will be able to vote for a real Republican for governor.

David P. Lang - Franklin, Mass. - We need a strongly pro-life governor who will help restore public respect for traditional moral precepts and conservative social principles and who will oppose the utter madness of political correctness that has gone amok to the point of tyrannical oppression in so many ways. I believe that Dr. Scott Lively is the man capable of rising to this daunting challenge for our worrisome times and for the good of everyone in our Commonwealth.

Clinton Mass. Tea Party - It is the honor of the Clinton Massachusetts Tea Party to proudly endorse Dr. Scott Lively for Governor for the state of Massachusetts. - Clinton Mass. Tea Party