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Charlie the Cheat Strikes Again

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September 18, 2018 Primary
November 6, 2018 Election

"with God all things are possible"
Matthew 19:26
Restore respect for marriage and the natural family.

Protect unborn babies.

Rebuild the inner-city family by restoring Fatherhood in the home.

Protect children from the “porn” culture. Let kids be kids again!
Break inner-city families free from government dependence with micro-financing and business-start-up training.

Put social services under local control with church involvement.

Prison reform for real rehabilitation, not warehousing of offenders.
Put parents not bureaucrats back in charge of schools and add school choice/vouchers.

Stop pushing homosexuality.

Start honoring true marriage.

No “Commie Core” to turn kids into Socialist robots.

Get back to teaching “how to learn” not “what to memorize.”

Seven Issues that Define My Campaign and My Life

1) Love of God. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and the best source of guidance in every aspect of human life...
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I also respect those searching for God along different paths and offer my friendship and spiritual goodwill in that journey, believing that in His own perfect timing God will prove Himself to every person who honestly seeks Him.
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2) Respect for Life. Life is the first and greatest gift we have. I embrace the sanctity of all human life from conception...
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to natural death, and unconditionally oppose the murder of unborn children through abortion. I support the recriminalization of abortion.
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3) Devotion to Family. The natural family of a man and woman united in life-long marriage for mutual love and support and...
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the bearing and nurturing of children – through birth or adoption – is the self-evident foundation of all civilization. As the most universally recognized common value of humanity, it’s purposeful affirmation as a basis for seeking common ground across national, racial, political or sectarian lines is the truest and most reliable path to peace, stability and prosperity. I believe the primacy of the natural family must be preserved and protected in the mainstream of society, with tolerance for those who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream.
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4) Allegiance to America. As a 5th generation Bay Stater with roots in the New England region going back to the 1630s, ...
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I am a stalwart American patriot. I am an unshakable constitutional originalist in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and as an attorney have defended constitutional first principles in US Federal Court. I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, a firm opponent of illegal immigration and so-called “sanctuary cities,” and a vigorous advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, local control, school choice and, most emphatically, the liberation of the inner cities from the bondage of government dependency.
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5) Hope for the World. As an internationally respected consultant on international human rights from a Biblical...
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perspective, with credentials from the Institute of International Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, and a Juris Doctor degree (JD) with special emphasis in that field of practice from Trinity Law School, I have advocated those values in more than 55 countries around the world since 1997. I have contributed to the successful defense of family values and authentic marriage in numerous countries, most recently Kyrgyzstan, and my 50-city tour of eight countries of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007 played a role in the passage of a nationwide ban on “gay” propaganda to children in Russia. From 2015-2017 I visited 27 nations on a personal fact-finding tour of the populist/nationalist revolution that produced both the Brexit vote in the UK (which I witnessed first-hand from London) and the Donald Trump presidency, which I strongly support.
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6) Hatred of Corruption. Love of goodness necessitates a hatred of evil, which never equates to hating people, but only the...
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bad things they do or believe, always holding out hope that they will come out of the darkness into the light. All corruption is rooted in the selfishness of people who put their personal lust for money, sex or power ahead of the best interests of others. The longer that corruption goes unchallenged, the deeper and wider it spreads through a society – like cancer – and the more harm it causes. Massachusetts may well be the most morally and politically corrupt state in the nation, with the leadership of both political parties in partnership with what once would have been called organized crime, but which has been legalized by those same politicians. I hate corruption and will do everything in my power to expose and uproot it.
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7) Courage to Speak Plain Truth. It is no secret that the pro-abortion and LGBT lobbies have devoted massive energy and resources...
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to try to silence or discredit me, even to filing a ridiculous federal lawsuit accusing me of “crimes against humanity” for speaking against the “gay” political agenda in Uganda. I won that lawsuit, as well as every public debate I’ve had with them on those topics over the years, because the public eventually sees past the lies and propaganda when a person just keeps telling the plain truth without fear or equivocation.
Indeed, in a way I owe them thanks for bringing such attention to my message and giving me so much larger a platform to speak from. Even more than that they’ve helped me prove that I say what I believe and believe what I say. Agree with me or not, people now know that I am driven by principles not politics, and I’m immune to pressure or ridicule from the media and the elites. Can you think of any other Governor in the past few decades who could honestly make that claim? By God’s grace I do have the courage to speak plain truth and you will continue to see me do so throughout this campaign.
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2014 Campaign messages from Pastor Lively

Time for a New Coalition in the GOP
Read PDF file here

I'm running for Governor of Massachusetts for just one reason -- to bring Biblical values back into the political arena here. These are the same values that still define the grassroots of the Republican Party.....
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But the Mass GOP is controlled at the top by misguided souls who hate the light of Biblical truth. In every election they beguile the grassroots foot-soldiers with the same old "lesser-of-two-evils" deception, who then dutifully offer their life's-blood to try to elect another RINO out of fear that "the Democrat will be worse."

The last so-called "conservative" the GOP establishment backed was Scott Brown, who campaigned hard on family values, then turned Benedict Arnold and voted to homosexualize the U.S. military -- publicly celebrating his treachery in a ceremony with the leadership of the Massachusetts "gay" lobby!!

No wonder so many true conservatives have left the GOP, and like myself, become Independent. Yet, despite our frustration, we still believe that the best hope for this state and for America is a Republican Party that is re-grounded in Biblical values.

All across America there is a war raging today in the GOP as the elitist big-money liberals make their move to turn the Tea Party and other conservatives back into compliant, subservient serfs.

It is time for conservatives to FIGHT BACK and PURGE THE RINOS instead!

As I said, my main goal in running for Governor is to advocate Biblical values in the political arena. But my secondary goal is to MAKE THE RINO LOSE as a warning to the GOP that the conservatives will NEVER AGAIN BACK AN ANTI-FAMILY LIBERAL REPUBLICAN.

I am offering my candidacy as the way for conservatives to prove to the Mass GOP that they have the means and the will to force the GOP to run and back true conservatives -- or lose every future election.

If conservatives have the courage to do this we can break the power of the RINOS and make the conservatives King-Makers in the Mass GOP, or empower them to just take the party over.

If the Mass GOP decides to wise up and run a bona-fide pro-life, pro-family conservative in the 2014 election, I will drop out of the race. If they run another RINO or a phony "conservative" who lacks the courage to speak boldly in defense of the unborn and the natural family, I will stay in the race and run to win it. In my view, the role of a candidate is to inspire the voters by honestly articulating their own clear vision of a plan to create a better future. That is the antithesis of the establishment system (of both parties) of pandering to what people want to hear, which is nothing less than lying to get votes. If you have to lie or hide your real views to win, you shouldn't be running. And we conservatives who claim to live by our principles shouldn't be winking at a system in which dishonesty has become the norm -- by backing people we know are lying to win votes just because they're on "our team."

Please sign my NO MORE RINOS petition and circulate it to your friends.

Pastor Scott Lively
Independent Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.
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